Sat, 31st Oct
10:00 ( [event past])
Inverness CT vs Ladies Team
Sat, 31st Oct
15:00 ( [event past])
Dunfermline vs Queen of the South
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About This Site

About This Site

An online portal for live low-cost streaming services for Video and Audio along with video on demand content of Full Game Replays, Highlights and Interviews. Dunfermline Athletic and Queen of the South are the first two Football Clubs to sign up to our OTT* portal.

We provide a simple front end payment system targetted on a per club basis. Viewers provide their preferred home club or just as a neutral. Stream Payments go immediately to the club involved, Scottish Football does not hang onto your money.

Each club will use their own resources and equipment to stream direct from their ground. Using a laptop and a network connection. This website can be branded to your club and provide your own front end to viewers.

Note, our streaming services can be used for a wide range of events, so if you are looking to stream live events give us a call. Check out the ParsTV section on this site.

Publisher - Free Trial

Publisher - Free Trial

If you`re needing to find out more about streaming a live match then why not start with a free trial.

Just use a laptop and it`s camera to test out the system. We shall provide a small video shortly on how to setup to test this.

Contact us on the email link and we`ll set you up with details.

Our system can provide a ticket for an individual game or for your Season Ticket holders.

If you already stream to YouTube, then use your own camera and equipment to easily connect up to this portal.