Streaming dates - saturday non-blocked

  Tue, 1st Nov 2022

The following dates are where streaming is allowed on a Saturday afternoon, for Season 2022-2023 Thus PPV will be allowed on these dates.

Should We End Saturday 3pm TV Blackout?

  Fri, 28th Oct 2022

Covid has changed the world in so many ways. Watching live streams is one of the major changes. When fans were unable to attend matches they were more than happy to watch their team on a live stream.

Scottish Football Supporters Survey 2022/23

  Wed, 26th Oct 2022

This season`s survey will be open from Friday 14th October until Sunday 6th November.

Welcome to Diamonds TV

SFO would like to welcome Diamonds TV to our platform. We are aiming to help provide a great service in these challenging times. Many clubs are having difficulty due to the Article 48 blockade of streaming in the UK/RI on a saturday afternoon.

Season 2022-2023

  Mon, 25th Jul 2022

The SPFL have informed clubs that streaming on a Saturday afternoon is prohibited to the UK. Despite the huge success of streaming during the Covid pandemic it is extremely disappointing to hear that SKY have forced a block when it impacts vulnerable people who cannot attend games.

Moving On and Moving Up

  Fri, 1st Jul 2022

Goodbye Allan Park After 67 years playing at Allan Park, Cove Rangers moved on to new things back in 2015. Saying goodbye to the ground where they watched 19 first place trophies lifted between the various leagues was not without its hardships.

Piracy affecting live streams

  Wed, 15th Jun 2022

Exellent news that action has been taken against those that Pirate Streams. A Glasgow man has been arrested following a police operation to tackle illegal home streaming of the SPFL (Scottish Professional Football League)

Typical Scotland

  Sun, 5th Jun 2022

We should be playing this evening against Wales. We should be hoping and praying for a victory to take us to our first World Cup Finals since 1998. We should be seeing an infiltration of Scots descend upon Cardiff for tonight`s crucial Play-Off Final match. Why aren`t we surprised that this hasn`t happened? It`s just `Typical Scotland`, isn`t it?!