Current Status 22nd Nov 20202

  Mon, 23rd Nov 2020

With our reported issues last week where a number of people had access issues it was good to see no problems occurring this weekend. Both the Dunfermline and Queen of the South streams ran fine without issues. Primarily because we removed the Heartbeat monitor software which we had implemented the previous week.

Server Issues on Saturday 14th November

  Sun, 15th Nov 2020

Unfortunately on Saturday we had some access problems related to a recent update to provide a heartbeat monitor. After successful streams over the last few weeks the update performed this week didn`t perform as expected, for which we apologise profusely.

Administration help facility

  Thu, 29th Oct 2020

We have attempted to make our administration a little easier. Once case in particular is sending out passwords to new users. Early on we had minor issues with a couple of ISP`s where emails with new passwords disappeared into the internet and did not get delivered.

Scottish Cup 2020/21 format confirmed

  Tue, 27th Oct 2020

The Scottish FA have today confirmed the format for the 2020/21 Scottish Cup, with revised competition rules as a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The condensed competition, with fewer rounds than normal, will begin with the Preliminary Round One on 28 November.

Join our OTT Platform

  Sun, 25th Oct 2020 was set up to try and help scottish football clubs stream online and would like to collaborate with other clubs. We have very successfully streams so far on our own OTT platform, with almost 2,000 viewers on one stream.

Why not come and join us ?

Our fees (and your paypal fees) are around 10-12% of the income why lose 30-40% of your revenue ? We do not have any upfront costs, pay as you go.

Latest Streams

  Sat, 24th Oct 2020

Another very successful stream again today with Queen of the South. Over 900 users both Season Ticket holders and PPV viewers. Successfully handling almost 5,000 users over the last 4 weeks.

Some minor issues to be ironed out with Season Ticket users, however enabling the Support chat (prior to 3pm - an error on our part) would have helped us get users sorted a bit quicker. Another item to add to our Check List for the next game.

OTT Platform and live streaming

We`ve had a busy 6 months developing a new live stream platform, which was based on the previous system developed over 8 years on With 4 extremely successful streams, in the last couple of weeks, to over 4,000 subscribers now means we can go forward with confidence. Dunfermline Athletic and Queen of the South have taken up the system and use it as their live streaming platform. We believe our platform is very cost-effective with no up-front costs #officialdafc #officialqosfc #streaming

Latest Streams

  Sun, 11th Oct 2020

Over the last few days we have had streams out live. Generally these have been very successful. However we have identified two issues: 1. PayPal emails differing from your registered address. We have thought of a solution and this will be implemented on Sunday 11th October. This issue caused quite a few delays, up to 20 people, on the QOS stream on Saturday. We sincerely apologise for the delay in responding you your issues. The solution implemented today will overcome these issues for the next game. 2. We had issues with Sky and Ntlworld customers not receiving their passwords. We are also looking to resolve this issue soon.