USB 3.0 HD Video Capture

We recently saw this video encoder on Amazon for around £40.00. We will run some further tests on this device to ensure it is compatable with live streaming. It connects to a camera and appears to work (almost) very well We were unable to get this item to work with Vmix. It does work with OBS.

Basic kit to get started

We provide what we think is a basic set of kit to get you started streaming at your stadium. This will allow to to start streaming very quickly. Use this to connect to our OTT platform to allow you to collect payments and allow viewers to watch the stream. Once you have used the kit for a while you may wish to move up to a larger camera.

Vmix multiple stream

We use multiple streams to allow users to cope with higher or lower quality connections. We decide to just use two streams 720p at 1.5Mbps and a 480p at 500Kbps settings.

Registration and passwords

When you register or request a new password you should received an email with a new password within 5 minutes. If you have issues receiving a password, Please contact us and we will provide you with a new password.

Season Ticket holder access

Season Ticket holders can access the system by enterring their Customer Number and Postcode. The Customer number will be printed on your ticket. Pressing View Stream will take you direct to the stream. Note that we have a security check which allows only one IP address (internet connection) per day using the customer number. Do not give your customer number details to anybody else, otherwise you will not be able to watch the stream.

Unable to activate Season Ticket

Th emain reason you will see this is that your postcode does not match the details we hold. Please contact your club Ticket office to update your details.

Support on Matchdays

Support on matchdays will be limited. Please try to access the system at least 24 hours prior to a match. If accessing outwith streaming times, you will be see message saying the system is offline (iOS users may see an error message but that will disappear once the stream is running). You can try and contact us using the Chat option on matchday but it may take longer to respond to your query.

Can I watch the stream within the UK?

Yes, currently due to the coronavirus situation fans are able to view the stream within the UK (other licenses permitting on a match per match basis). You will need to register and supply a password. You will then see a Paypal button on the home page to allow you to purchase the stream.