Need a Live Stream ?

Are you thinking of doing a Live Stream ? We may be able to come and visit and set one up in as quickly as an hour.
SFO were asked by Keith FC if we were able to perform live a stream for them in 4 days time.

As Keith FC had streamed from our platform during Covid we were quickly able to setup the new Fixture.

On Wednesday the 19th April, I arrived at Kynoch Park shortly after 18:00 to begin setup.

As this routine is now quite frequently carried out setting up was carried out quickly and we were ready to stream in less than 30 minutes (leaving plenty of time for further testing - especially testing the Upload speed of our 4g dongle - which happened to be 22Mbps !!).

Throughout the live match there were no issue reported on the stream and small number of support chats were dealt with very quickly. (we use the App to provide the online chat mechanism, as also used on this website).