Season 2022-2023

The SPFL have informed clubs that streaming on a Saturday afternoon is prohibited to the UK.

Despite the huge success of streaming during the Covid pandemic it is extremely disappointing to hear that SKY have forced a block when it impacts vulnerable people who cannot attend games.
All the clubs understand the need to stream and the benefit to many groups of fans. Most fans want to attend games but there are so many that woudl participate watching live streams

Our OTT Platform has been updated to allow Subscription services to be added (monthly and yearly).

This is a simple and effective mechanism to allow overseas users to watch live streams.
Games outwith a Saturday afternoon will continue to be offered as PPV.

We believe our back-end administration has a major positive impact supporting customers with support issues.
We can quickly understand their status, when and how often they have logged in, their device type, whether they have been able to pay for a service and also whether they are currently watching a stream.
It is important to be able to respond and deal with enquiries very quickly, especially atound kick off.

It is best to contact us with your unique enquiry. There is no need ot contact us if the stream has gone down (as we will already know - we constantly monitor the stream and know if is has stopped.)

We would normally put a message on the screen, under the video frame to let you know.
So it is always best to try a refresh using the Stream A button.