Getting Started | Publishers

Full Game Replay implementation

When the stream is live it gets recorded by the CDN system and gets converted to a video and I then get an embed code for it. The good thing is that the video is already there and doesn`t need uploaded, saving some considerable time. All it needs is the Embed Code to be placed in the Embed Code box on the fixture. You will see that on yesterdays fixture, this takes a minute to update. On the website, for 3 days after the fixture, the Full Game Replay link will show. Currently for those that purchase the game or subscription holders. There is also an option to purchase a Full Game Replay (this has hardly been used) I could allow a setup to allow ST`s or your club members to be given access. Recently, Dacast has been problematic in recording the live stream, primarily I think they have modified things at the backend. However, last two games the full recorded seems to have been fine. Rules stated that the Full Game Replay can`t be put up until midnight. However, that has relaxed for a Saturday which is now 22:00 We can put it up for the next matches to evaluate its functionality. You will see for the fixtures that there is boxes for the embed codes, in the beginning, I used a different set of embed codes for each match. But now it is teh same for each fixture, and defined in the Streams sections. (but teh embed code for replay is marked in the fixture itself)

Basic kit to get started

We provide what we think is a basic set of kit to get you started streaming at your stadium. This will allow to to start streaming very quickly. Use this to connect to our OTT platform to allow you to collect payments and allow viewers to watch the stream. Once you have used the kit for a while you may wish to move up to a larger camera.

Are you a publisher wanting to get started ?

If you are a football club in the Scottish Football League and wish to get an easy to setup publishing system then why not give us a try. All you need is a Video Camera, Laptop, streaming software and a reasonable wifi or network connection and you are ready to go. Scottish Football Online provides the Content Delivery Network, the login and purchase of individual matches and the viewing platform for viewers. This page provides a general overview of the streaming process while the Help section will provide more in-depth explantion of the setup sequences.