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We have developed a new mechanism to allow you quick access to the stream you have purchased. You do not need to login to watch the stream. When purchasing a stream you will be sent a confirmation email with a specific link. On match day you can click on this link and you will be taken directly to the stream.

Want to watch a live match ?

Welcome, if you are looking to watch one of our live streams then please register (for free) on our website. Please ensure you register at least one hour prior to kick-off to ensure you have time for payment to be confirmed and that you are familiar with the system. You can purchase a link at any time, but remember paypal may take up to 10 minutes to confirm payment to our system. Clubs that wish their season ticket holders can import their data into our system to provide Virtual Season Tickets. Once registered you are able to purchase a Season Pass or an individual match. Your are able to watch on laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile. Typically most browsers are supported but please ensure you have a reasonable wifi connection.