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How can SFO help your club live stream

Now that season 2020-2021 is nearly over clubs will be reflecting on how to view streaming services for the coming season. You will no doubt had a very successfull season but with a likely reduced viewing figures as fans head back to live games in stadiums costs may well play a part in options for next season.

ScottishFootball.online (SFO) povided successful streaming services to multiple clubs. We have been able to reduce the streaming costs as the season went on (due to buying in bulk and streamlining our systems).

Joining our OTT platform means you will be able to reap the rewards of reducing costs. For example, you do not need, say 80 viewers to break even. Our platform is a Pay As You Go meaning that we only charge a small fee for each payment received.

single user, login for multiple multiple clubs
on payment, all PPV income goes direct to the club
reduced fees due to platform sharing,
eazy setup for PPV or Season Ticket holders.
simple admin to help users who expereince issues
online support on matchday to quickly resolve user questions
our platform provides various levels of security services
a global Content Delivery Network provides the video stream bandwidth
Integrate the Pixellot AI camera system into our OTT PLatform
Clubs work together to tackle any stream piracy issues
Provision of backup streams in case primary stream issues (shared costs)
Need a standby back in case your main stream goes down ?

SFO does not provide the production of stream at the stadium, we only provide the online facilities. The club TV team are given connection parameters to link securely to a Content Delivery Network (who have the capacity to provide necessary balanced loading)

Each club has an excellent team videoing, recording and providing commentary for each game. That is where the local skills sets are. We provide the hook up to our online portal to allow matches to be setup, payments taken and viewing of the live streaming as well as provision of viewing the Full Game Replay. Our admin tools make it easy to operate and provide quick online support on matchday.

SFO skills sests are online database management, managing and tracking users accounts. Using the same login and password details across multiple clubs simplifies user access and reduces the need for support. By including multiple clubs the costs are split across multiple clubs.

Our platform makes Live Streaming a commercially viable option, no matter the number of viewers.