Latest Streams

Over the last few days we have had streams out live.

Generally these have been very successful. However we have identified two issues:

1. PayPal emails differing from your registered address. We have thought of a solution and this will be implemented on Sunday 11th October. This issue caused quite a few delays, up to 20 people, on the QOS stream on Saturday. We sincerely apologise for the delay in responding you your issues. The solution implemented today will overcome these issues for the next game.
2. We had issues with Sky and Ntlworld customers not receiving their passwords. We are also looking to resolve this issue soon.

As this was was the very first stream from most of you we are glad the vast majority did not have any issues. The issues we identified above will resolve the bulk of the problems you encountered.

Once people were on the stream, around 900 of you, the feedback we received was indeed very positive.

A couple of people did notice their stream dropped during the match, but a browser refresh I believe solved the issue.

We hope you are all looking forward to the next game.