Pirate Streams and action taken

Pirate streams are a bug bear to us all. with the technolgy now it is technically possible to restream a match. However we are always looking into this to ensure it doesn`t happen and have been successful in stopping this in the past.

We have in the past banned users who restream and do not refund any payment they made.

There is an online form with a Track and Trace feature to allow pirate streams to be recorded .
Click to enter details.

We try and do something about it and so far we are reasonably successful in preventing this from our OTT platform.

Our Content Delivery Network has a block on referrers (websites) that try and restream our game. People can do this by purchasing the game and attempting to use the web page. This is blocked and is prevented ain copying the stream.

For example:
you click on the link and it says:
No broadcasts found in your territory for this match.

Sometimes fans have ideas about restreaming a match. Revenue lost to a club and we will take action to prevent this happening.

On matchday it is possible that people post pirate links on your facebook. you need to be prepared to delete these quickly.