SFO OTT platform progressing very well

In recent weeks our OTT platform has been handling over 2,000 PPV viewers and season ticket holders.

The recent stream against St Johnstone in the Betfred Cup saw a very high rate of take up of over 1,000 PPV payments in the last few hours before kick off. As of today, we have had almost 13,000 viewers on our OTT platform.
As you might expect the site hadn`t had such a high take up in such a short space of time. The revamp and the use of 3 servers has helped spread the load to make the take up as smooth as possible.

We did have a slight hiccup at the Clyde game a few weeks ago due to a software update put in to try and deal with duplicate use of the stream (where other people purchase and onward stream the game - piracy). But we resolved that issue very quickly during the game.
If you need to use a well proven and simple OTT platform then why don`t you give us a call.

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